Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patricks day bentos

Well since its St Patricks day today I made St Patrick's day bentos for the kids lunches tomorrow.

All slightly different.

 This one has clover cut out sandwich with Derby sage cheese and a spinach tortilla clover on spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Other side has rainbow fruit sticks and a Totoro cookie. It should have been a clover cookie but the kids ate those!

 This one has a clover cut out sandwich with jam, rainbow fruit stick, babybel, and a Totoro cookie. 

This one has clover cut out sandwich with Derby sage and a cheese stick(because I think he will turn his nose up at the green cheese) fruit cup and Totoro cookie.

 I know the napkins are union flags but they were all the napkins I had.

 Happy St Paddys day.
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