Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Animal pocket pies for Pi day 3.14

Well tomorrow is March 14 otherwise known as Pi day so i thought in celebration of this irrational number I would make pies.

I got a panda pocket sandwich maker and some cutezcute cutters last week. Looking at them I figured I could use them to make some animal pies (you can buy pocket pie makers but I haven't seen animal ones)

I am making apple pies but this would work for chicken pie or any other sweet or savory pie you like.

I cheated and used store bought puff pastry as I was in a hurry but this would work for homemade as well.

First roll out your pastry on a floured surface.

Cut pieces a little bigger than the sandwich press the base piece has to push down into the mold.

Flour the sandwich press.

Place in the pastry and gently press the pastry down to fit the shape.

Fill depression with filling, in this case peeled and chopped apples, flour and brown sugar.

Cut the face using the cutezcute cutter in the center of your top piece of pastry.

Use egg wash around the area that will stick together.

Gently place on top of filling try and line up straight.

Close sandwich and gently press together

It may or may not cut of the excess. If not use a knife to remove and give it another press to seal.

Place on a baking sheet and egg wash and add sanding sugar if you want.

The facial features act as steam vents and allow the pie to cook without exploding.

Here you can see the completed Pig pie, Cat pie, Panda pie, frog pie and of course Pi pie.

I think next time I will use regular pastry as the puff pastry distorted a little too much and fill a little less with more finely chopped apple, but not bad for my first try with these.
If you don't have a sandwich press you can just use cookie cutters to make the shapes and press together with a fork don't forget to make a hole in top of pie though.

Have fun making you favorite pies, I don't think mine will make it till tomorrow but you can freeze these cooked or uncooked and keep a batch to cook or heat through.

Panda sandwich press is available at all things for sale

Cutezcute cutters are available on amazon or at all things for sale