Thursday, March 21, 2013

Domo kun sandwich bento

I got a new bento box today that I won from the very talented Ming at Bentomonsters.

It's a Trudeau Fuel. It has a container for a knife and fork in the lid. I also got a matching insulated carry bag. Ever since I knew it has been on the way my son has been asking when his new box would arrive as he claimed it.

So put it into action with a Domo kun sandwich.

Dark rye bread with cut out for mouth. Inside cheese. I just cut out the teeth part in the middle of the slice. Under that is pepperoni. Then black grapes for the eyes.

The sun is a cuties orange, the ground is Texas shaped cheese and bacon crackers (oh oh Domo you in trouble you messed with Texas!) more grapes to fill in.

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