Friday, May 9, 2014

Traditional Wappa Bento

This was a Bento for me. I have been wanting a Traditional Magewappa or bentwood box and finally got one. This is a cheaper version as most of these cost $100 this one was $25 shipped. So I ordered one for my birthday and patiently waited for it to arrive from Japan.

So a more traditional bento for a more traditional box.

Traditional magewappa bento box

Rice with furikoshi sprinkles. Lettuce, tomatoes, boiled egg and firecracker sushi with fried prawn.

I love the styling of this box . It's pretty enough to sit on a shelf for display. It doesn't come with a band for securing it but they are easily bought and I have a selection from other boxes.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Star Wars bento lunch hop May the 4th be with you

It's May the Fourth or Star Wars day again. So here is this years Bento Bloggers and friends Star Wars Lunch blog hop.

This year we travel to The ice planet Hoth to meet a rather sad looking Wampa, because Luke has cut his arm off with his lightsaber!

Star wars day may the fourth Sad Wampa Bento Lunch

Sad Wampa is an open faced sandwich with whipped Philadephia cream cheese. I just cut a vaguely wampa-ish shape out of bread and spread the cream cheese on in a messy way. The features are cut out from tortilla with americolor markers to add details and a little strawberry jam dabbed where the poor Wampas arm used to be.

Also served is strawberries and blackberries and yoghurt with pineapple chunks for the Wampas ice cave.

All served in an EasyLunchboxes box.

Now travel the way of the force to Chaos and Confections to see what geeky delights she has made by clicking on the picture below.