Friday, March 22, 2013

Dog bento

As two of three kids got new lunch boxes yesterday they all wanted different themes.
I did the Domo and Shaun the sheep ones as I knew exactly what I was going to do beforehand but by number three I had run out of energy and inspiration.

 She wanted a dog themed one. At this point the pet dog over excited by the scraps of ham and smell of pepperoni from the first two was not cooperating. So this it what it turned out like.

Looks more like a sheep and its not packed very well but I will do another dog or wolf one for her soon.

Not sure how that grape got there, was not intentional!
The strawberries right now are huge had to cut up just to shut the lid.

I did find her this new bento box though in my local supermarket H.E.B. for $7.97 it's quite a large one and comes with a fork and spoon and carrying handles its by my bento meal. I will do a review soon

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