Monday, March 4, 2013

First actual lunch bento: Love snails

The lovely monbento black box came in the mail today. I bought it from amazon I will do a review when I have had chance to see how it holds up.

So first bento for middle kid (she is easiest as she will eat anything)

I had to go with what was in the fridge so base of French toast. Grass is spinach tortilla. Snails are rolled up cheddar and mozarella with spinach tortilla on a quarter of a frigo cheese stick. Spaghetti eye stalks with cheese and sesame seed eyes. Heart strawberry. Ladybug is half a babybel. Toadstool is other half plus other half of cheese stick.

This is my first attempt and I am not hopeful of it reaching the destination in one piece. I need to work on some items for tighter packing. Other layer of bento has fruit and mini cookies for treat.

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