Saturday, March 9, 2013

Onigiri bunny and bear

I got a few supplies I ordered from here so have been trying some out.

The first was this bear and bunny onigiri rice mold. (Available here)
It comes with two molds and four cutter sheets for decorating. I haven't tried those yet.

They worked really well and it takes quite a bit of rice when compacted down so are nice and filling. I salted mine before using and used village harvest sushi rice ( though any sushi rice or short or medium grain rice would probably work.)

I filled the bottom half in the holder to the top compacted with a spoon. Then put the top piece on and pressed down firmly. Take out the mold from the holder and wipe away any excess that has pushed out round the edges. Take off the back first and place gently on plate and ease the top piece off.

I then used these nori punches (Available here) to do accents. I am still having a little trouble with the mouths on a couple of these but I think with practice I will get them to come out. I may try a different nori as well.

The soot sprite (susuwatari) from My Neighbor Totoro was made by putting in cling film and squishing into a ball. Then wrapping in nori and re-squishing with the cling film the same way. Eyes are cheese and nori.

I will try out the cutting plates and the other items soon. The panda sandwich press has been in constant use since it came the kids will not leave it alone and I have no bread or jam left!

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