Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flower bento

So usually I make lunches for my kids. Today I decided to make myself something even though I work from home, I deserve a yummy pretty lunch too right?

 So whipped together from last nights leftovers with an egg for protein is this.

 Leftover rice, with furikake not sure exactly what is I that (sesame, seaweed, prawn etc) flowers cut out from leftover golden and chiogga beets and purple sweet potato.

 Other half has a fried egg cooked in a metal flower cookie cutter and the rest of the beets and sweet potato.

 It was yum and better than the usual sandwich I usually need up grabbing and taking up to my desk.
So do yourselves a favor remember grown ups can eat pretty food too.

 Used in this lunchLunchbotsduo, flower cutters


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  1. So cute! And you're right, adults need pretty food sometimes too! I don't even have kids and I still love making pretty bentos!

  2. Love your flower lunch. Thanks for linking up at
    Leftovers on Fridays