Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brown bear bento

Following on from yesterday's Grumpy cat I thought I would do the same technique but simplified.

  I got the inspiration from my daughters bento bag available at Allthingsforsale.com

I had everything out and my 9 year old wanted to make them so these are her creations ( see i told you they were easy)

Using a circle cookie cutter about 3.5" cut out two slices for each bear from dark rye. From white bread with oval cutter about 2 x 1" cut a muzzle for each bear. Cut the same hole in the face piece and insert the white bread. Use oval cutter to cut out ears and trim in half. Eyes and nose are shape-N-amaze dough.

Assemble in box with filling of choice these have jam or cheese.
Boxes used include a hakoya, monbento and ziploc box.

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