Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Frightful Fall Hop Zero the Ghost Dog Bento

It's a Frightful Fall Blog Hop! I bring to you, Zero the Ghost dog from The Nightmare before Christmas.

Zero is Jack Skellingtons Ghost Dog and has a glowing pumpkin nose.

Nightmare before christmas Zero the Ghost dog bento

Zero is made from a slice of Jicama with a tomato nose (realized afterwards I should have used an orange tomato).

He is on a sandwich of marbliscious rye swirl bread from the HEB bakery.

I just cut him out with a craft knife using a sketch on parchment.

The top left has Greek yogurt with honey and colored orange. On top sits a Ghoulie Gummy jack o lantern from Trader Joes.

Below this is a babybel cheese with a gummy eye (I got this from Target Monsters University Gummy Eyeballs)

Raspberries and cherry tomatoes fill two compartments

Then the inspiration for the lunch a marshmallow Jack Skellington face.

This was from a lollipop at Walgreens it had two heads and then gummy swirls so I just took it apart).

All in a PlanetBox Rover.

For more Frightful Fall Fun, hop on over to IpackLunch by clicking on the hop picture below.



  1. Your orange yogurt is pretty and Zero looks fantastic!

  2. Ahhhh! Nightmare Before Christmas my favorite! You really did Zero perfectly

  3. I love Nightmare before Christmas!

  4. One of my favorite movies!! <3 Super cute!

  5. Wow! Zero and Jack look amazing! I may have to steal your ideas because my son just saw this moving for the 1st time and is a bit obsessed with it.

  6. Zero looks fantastic - love your marshmallow Jack too!

  7. i love Nightmare before christmas!
    Your Zero is awesome!!!!

  8. So creative! It's amazing! Haven't watched that movie in years...need to do that! Great job

  9. LOVE the Skellington egg AND the dog -- you are so good!