Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kid created bentos

I really wasn't feeling great and the kids had a late start so I asked my eldest to make lunches for herself and help her brother and sister make theirs. I expected them to just stick a sandwich in the box and a bag of snacks.

Apparently while I was working upstairs there was much activity going on in the kitchen. This is what my husband photographed when they had done.

They did a really great job. They did sneak in some skittles but put in fruit and cheese as well. One of them is meant to be minecraft. The strawberries even got cut into heart shapes and arranged.
see other kid created bento here.


  1. I totally thought of Minecraft when I saw the last lunch - the square sandwich made me think of Steve's head. Also I made my boy a Minecraft lunch today (not blogged yet) so I've got it on the brain so am seeing Steve head everywhere :)

    Thanks for linking up to Bento Kids! Great job kids!

    1. Thanks my kids really enjoyed it and said maybe they could do it once a week:)