Friday, May 9, 2014

Traditional Wappa Bento

This was a Bento for me. I have been wanting a Traditional Magewappa or bentwood box and finally got one. This is a cheaper version as most of these cost $100 this one was $25 shipped. So I ordered one for my birthday and patiently waited for it to arrive from Japan.

So a more traditional bento for a more traditional box.

Traditional magewappa bento box

Rice with furikoshi sprinkles. Lettuce, tomatoes, boiled egg and firecracker sushi with fried prawn.

I love the styling of this box . It's pretty enough to sit on a shelf for display. It doesn't come with a band for securing it but they are easily bought and I have a selection from other boxes.

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  1. What a pretty box! I haven't seen a traditional box before.