Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lunchsense lunch system review: Kitty and Jell-O goldfish bowl

It's almost time for back to school. So why not send you kids with a whole new lunch system from Lunchsense.

Lunchsense lunch system

This medium lunchsense lunch box is a great lunch container for grade school kids, and many adults will find it just right size to get them through the day. Here is what you will find in your fold-out, washable lunch box The price for the Medium Lunchsense box is $35.99 (they also sell a small box and large kit)

Now for the details of the Box:

It measures about 8" wide, 6" tall, and 5.75" deep you can choose from a handle or shoulder strap as pictured. It comes in 8 different colors.

Whats inside the Lunchsense kit

Inside you will find:
    • One 19 ounce lock and lock food container. It has two separate, removable trays that hold about 9 ounces each. Remove the two trays, and this container is perfect for a typical kid's sandwich
    • Two 6 ounce lock and lock containers. Perfect for yogurt and granola, or crackers and cheese
    • One 1 ounce screw top container. Good for salad dressing or dipping sauce
    • One 8 ounce drink bottle. Choose from screw-on top (shown) or sippy style
    • One ice pack. Rigid, puncture-proof

The box itself folds out either just the front or completely flat as a placemat.

Lunchsense front folded down
Lunchsense Medium folded flat as a place mat.
Here is the Lunch I packed a CuteZCute Kitty sandwich and Jello and Swedish Fish Dessert

In the Lunchsense box I packed a cheese sandwich cut into a cute kitty on a bed of salad greens and tomatoes. The other side has dessert of Jello with Swedish Fish swimming in it. In the Snack boxes I packed Grapes and blueberries and Crackers.


  • The Lunchsense Box is Washable and easily wipe clean and is a study quality product
  • The Lock and Lock boxes are very high quality, BPA free, easy to open for kids and can be microwaved, dish washed and frozen. I love the removal dividers and that they do not leak.
  • The Box folds flat into a place mat so you don't have to worry about dirty tables.
  • It is all inclusive so you get your boxes, your carrier, water bottle and ice pack all in one kit (you can also buy sets separately)
  • The packing configuration is very versatile.

  • Some Younger Kids may find the box a little difficult to open fully into the place mat and refasten. Although it is much easier with a bit of practice and after you have read the instructions (the fasteners are special Lift the dots and are designed to open one way and not come undone otherwise) and its super easy to open and close the front flap.
  • It may be a bit big folded out in some school lunch situations but it works great in the partially open configuration for those occasions.
  • Some people may find the price high at $35.99 but you have to take into consideration that you are getting everything you need for lunch packing and it is a quality set that will last a long time.

Conclusion: This a great quality lunch system which has everything you need to start packing non disposable lunches.

I was sent this set to Review and was not compensated in any other way. all opinions are my own.
Products Used in this Review Lunchsense Medium


  1. I love the swimming fish jello! Genius

  2. Lunchsense Nancy here: Thanks for the lovely review! To address the cons, above: yes, just opening the front flap ("the food tray") works great for any age and any space this box might be carried. And yes, if the price is a hurdle do remember that everything's included (except the FABULOUS jello+fish, kitty sammy, and other goodies) and everything lasts for years. My sons are working on year 4 (or 5? I've lost count) of their original Lunchsense box and they still look great. In the big picture I've paid for the boxes many times over.

  3. Super cute lunch. Love the box too. Worried about my five year old not knowing how to shut it. Also worried that my hubs is gonna kick me out lol. I seem to have a slight lunch packing bento obsession ;) Do you know if there is a page with reviews of the kit somewhere? Thanks :))